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GrimesPlex is looking to collaborate with local, regional, and national partners on high-impact sponsorship opportunities. The 50-acre complex will attract approximately 600,000 participants, spectators, and coaches each year. GrimesPlex is surrounded by the Hope District — a 200-acre entertainment and commercial district, which will include retail, restaurant, and hotel development. Established businesses currently in the area include McDonald's, Destination Grille, Hy-Vee, B-Bops, Arby's, and Culver's, with many more to come! GrimesPlex is hosting local, state, regional, and national soccer, baseball, and softball games, as well as practices and tournaments.



  • Two (2) monument signs located at each entrance on Heritage Drive.

  • Two (2) monument signs located at each facility entrance.

  • Three (3) 6 x 20 foot banners along Heritage Drive.

  • Name and logo on tournament team communication materials, including schedules. These items are sent to 750 families per tournament. An average of three people per family view these schedules per tournament, with 38 tournaments planned over the course of one year. Over 600,000 people are expected to attend events every year.

  • Name and logo on GrimesPlex website and all event marketing including but not limited to, league and tournament marketing – example: summer baseball league at the (companies name) GrimesPlex or Fall Fest Softball

  • Tournament at the (companies name) GrimesPlex.

  • Naming rights would be granted for 10 years.

  • First right of refusal.


  • Six (6) opportunities available

  • Pod naming rights

  • Two (2) pole banners on seven (7) light poles

  • Sidewalk name and logo placement along sides around Pod

  • Naming rights would be granted for 10 years

  • First right of refusal




  • Name and logo on medical center

  • Opportunity to staff facility

  • Digital marketing opportunities

  • Naming rights would be granted for 10 years

  • First right of refusal


The City of Grimes has partnered with Choice Creative Solutions to handle and manage all advertising negotiations for GrimesPlex and is offering a variety of levels of sponsorships and naming rights. If you are interested, please reach out to Dan Bertsch for more information at or 515-334-8564.

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